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On March 4, 2004, the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs), issued the Final Rule on job applicant regulations for employment candidates who apply for a job online and the required electronic tracking and record-keeping. The rule applies to employers who are federal contractors, and these employers must maintain recruiting documentation of each INTERNET APPLICANT's background, to present during any OFCCP Audit to show the hiring process did not have a "disparate impact" on female and under represented minority job seekers. The OFCCP will request documentation on job posts, resumes, ethnicity, gender, & race, resume database searches, interview notes, and an applicant log for each Internet Applicant. The OFCCP will also verify that job was posted to apropriate state agencies, that the Basic Qualifications for the position are reasonable, and that the proper process was followed when searching each resume database. More Info

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Our OFCCP Staffing Solution will save employers time and money with their resume sourcing efforts, while using OFCCP approved sourcing processes when posting job and searching resume databases. We will also keep and provide to the employer OFCCP required documentation, including screen shots of job posts, screen shots of each resume search and criteria used, resumes of candidates who meet Basic Qualifications, and an Applicant Log for each Internet Applicant. More Info

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