OFCCP Staffing Solution

10K Financial Recruiters and its network of websites offers OFCCP Compliance to help employers who are federal contractors comply with record keeping requirements.

We have the ability to manage your entire recruiting & sourcing efforts, including Job Posting, Resume Database Search, and Virtual Recruiting, while keeping a detail Applicant Log & required documentation for your OFCCP Compliance requirements.

Our OFCCP Staffing Solution includes:

Job Post Service

Our Job Post Service will cross post your job to our Job Post Network & to the appropriate state agency job bank, reaching millions of potential candidates. Applicants will apply directly to you, while we keep an Applicant Log and the required job post documentation. Job posts are online for 60 days, and at expiration we send to you all OFCCP required documentation. We will deliver to you a detailed log of the date & location of each job post and a screenshot, as well as the Applicant Log of qualified Internet Applicants. Employers can use their Online Account to view applications & resumes, as well as respond to specific applicants.

Resume Search & Screen Service

Our Resume Search & Screen service uses all the major resume vendors, including Monster, Careerbuilder, & Yahoo!Hotjobs, giving you access to an extremely large candidate pool, at a lower cost than if you paid for just one directly, and we do the work! We search & screen based on OFCCP approved procedures for qualified & interested candidates, and deliver the qualified resumes & required documentation to you within 5 days. Screenshots will be made of each search & the search criteria used. Candidates who meet the employer's Basic Qualifications, and live within a 45 minute commute & are open to the position's salary range are indentified, and each resume is sent to the employer for review. Employers can then invite specific candidate's to apply to the employer's job post, making the candidate an Internet Applicant and subject to further documentation in the Applicant Log.

Virtual Recruiter

Candidates meeting the Basic Qualifications who apply to the Job Posts & who are identified via the Resume Search & Screen process are contacted by an experienced recruiter, and includes the following:
- 5 60-day Job Posts, with included OFCCP required record keeping
- Resume Search & Screen Service & required OFCCP record keeping
- Each Internet Applicant's interest in the position, salary, & location is obtained & recorded in the Applicant Log.
- Each Internet Applicant's Race, Ethnicity, & Gender is solicited, & info provided is entered into the Applicant Log
- Each Internet Applicant is screened for resume verification & possible Red Flags indicating a false positive, & noted in the Applicant Log
- Employer instructs the recruiter to further screen, schedule, follow up, discuss salary, pre & post close on any offers, the disposition of Internet Applicants, and communicate with any other issues as needed. - 60 day full access to the 10K Network resume database
- Each Internet Applicant interviewed has education & employment verfied - Reference Checks performed as requested by employer

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The information provided on this web site does not constitute legal advice. Use of our OFCCP Compliance service does not 100% guarantee compliance with this OFCCP Rule. Please consult with a qualified attorney to ensure that your recruiting and staffing policies and procedures are in compliance with the OFCCP.

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