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60-70% of active candidates will have their resume posted online.
Several resume databases include millions of resumes, and a significant investment in money & time is required to source the available qualified candidates. Our service allows employers to save time & lower costs involved in sourcing qualified resumes, and to focus on interviewing & hiring the best available employee.

Our Resume Sourcing service will deliver screened resumes of qualified candidates who are interested in your position's salary & location. Resume Sourcing allows you to use one source to access current and qualified candidates of the major vendors, including Monster, Dice, & Careerbuilder, at a lower cost than accessing just one directly, and we do the work, Guaranteed!

Order HereBasic Resume Sourcing Service

Within 5 days you will receive the most current and qualified resumes available on our Resume Partners, of candidates who are interested in your position's salary and location *
- Additional Resumes are identified until job is filled - up to 60 days
- Work directly with our Chicago based consultants on your resume needs
- Quick and affordable access to the active candidates who post resume online.
- Access to the major fee based resume databases, including:
  Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, while saving money & time
- Employer is free to contact candidates with no further costs to a recruiter.
- Customized search based on Job Requirements, Location, Salary, and Keywords.
- Name Generation - Receive the name/email/phone of dozens of similar professionals to hetwork with.
- 30 Days access to the 10K Network Resume Database included!
      - Access Resumes from the internet's top ranked Financial Recruiter
- 5 Premium Job Posts reaching millions on our Job Post Network
- Allows employer to focus on scheduling, interviewing, and hiring.
- Saves time and increases productivity.
- Increases confidence that the best available employee was hired
- Best results and savings when used before calling an executive recruiter.
- Satisfaction Guaranteed!                     Order today - Only $750!

Order HerePremium Resume Sourcing Service

A low cost Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO) service:
- Same services included in our Basic Service plus the following:
- Additional resumes are identified until the job is filled, up to 45 days.
- Video Interviews - Employers have access to our Video Interview Service
     -Expedite first round interviews while saving time & lowering costs.
- Name Generation and Contact. We reach out to dozens of similar professionals to present your opportunity, generating interested & qualified passive candidates
- Virtual recruiter - Candidates are contacted, interest level obtained, interviews scheduled, red flags identified, reference checks, & extension and closing on offers
     -Hiring managers kept current on candidate's interest, schedule, & questions.
     -Expedites and increases quality of interviews & increases offer acceptance rate.
     -Receive benefits of an executive recruiter for a fraction of the cost!
- Unlimited Job Posts + 5 Premium Posts on our Job Post Network
      -Allowing reposting of same job to keep current
- 60 day Full Access to the 10K Network Resume Database!
- Satisfaction Guaranteed!.                     Order today - Only $1500!

Compared with the costs and time required to source resumes internally or through an executive recruiter, this Resume Process Outsourcing service has become very popular with many client recruiting strategies. Best savings result when used prior to a contingent search.

Preview Resumes for Free

Please complete our Resume Request Form, and we will send to you up to 10 of the best resumes of qualified candidates interested in your position's salary & location.
If you like the resumes then sign up for one of the above options. We will complete an initial search within 5 days & you can begin the interview process.

* The amount of resumes delivered depends on the complexity of the search, job requirements, location, salary range..... and please contact us to get an estimate on the expected number of candidates available.

How to order

Create a Free Account. On your main account page go to Subscriptions page to order Resume Sourcing via Credit Card. You can then immediately search resumes on the 10K Network & post job(s) on our Job Post Partners, while we begin the Resume Sourcing.

You can also order by filling out THIS FORM, or by calling (630) 985-8600.
Payment must be made prior to receiving any resumes.

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