Terms and Conditions

Thank you(Employer) for submitting your Resume Search request to 10K Financial Recruiters, Inc(10K). Please find below an overview of the basic terms and conditions of 10K's Resume Search Services.

Resume Sourcing

A consultant at 10K will follow up within one day with any questions regarding the resume search. After this follow up discussion 10K will begin to search, and screen resumes from the major online resume vendors. 10K will identify the best qualified candidates based on job description requirements, salary, & location. 10K will submit these best candidate resumes to the employer in real time once identified, and 10K will group candidate resumes in one email when possible.

10K and the employer agree that a major benefit of this service is for the employer to have access to publicly available resumes ASAP, so as the employer can avoid paying a full recruiting fee to a recruiter, and/or the costs associated with sourcing resumes directly. Employer agrees that duplicate resumes may be received when it uses more than one recruiting source.

Employer and 10K agree that the employer has full ownership of each resume delivered with no additional contingent fee owed, but only if the Resume Search fee has been requested and paid in full, and payment must be made to qualify for 10K's guarantee(below). Employer agrees that this service does not include any guarantee on the action of any candidate and 10K is not liable in any way for the actions of any candidate.

Employer agrees that 10K's main business is fee based recruiting, and in order to qualify for this lower priced service the employer agrees to request this Resume Sourcing service and make payment in full prior to receiving resumes. If payment is not received then 10K reserves the right to charge its full standard fee for each candidate hired, directly or indirectly, for any position, within one year of 10K's last action with candidate. Please CLick Here to view entire Risk Free Search Terms. Company agrees that it will pay all attorney fees, late fees, and collection costs incurred by 10K in the collection of an outstanding invoice.

When you order Resume Sourcing you will receive the most current and qualified candidates available on our Resume Partners. The amount of resumes delivered depends on the complexity of the search, job requirements, location, salary range..... and please contact us to get an estimate on the expected number of candidates available.

10K's GUARANTEE - We promise that each Candidate and Resume:
1 - Will be qualified based on the experience and education preferences the
      employer enters on the Job Post Form
2 - Will be open to the positionís salary range
3 - Will live within a 45-minute commute to the place of employment.
4 - Will have created, updated, or shown job market activity within the past 90 days.
5 - With Premium Service, will have been contacted by 10K and has expressed interest in the position, salary, & location.

In the event 10K Financial Recruiters is unable to find a reasonable amount of candidates who match the above criteria, 10K will either refund 50 percent of the service fee, or issue a credit for the same Standard or Premium Service. Credit can also be used towards other 10K services.

Please Contact US ASAP after receiving resume if any candidate is not a match with above criteria.

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