Terms and Conditions

Thank you(Employer) for submitting your Resume Search request to 10K Financial Recruiters, Inc(10K). Please find below an overview of the basic terms and conditions of 10K's Risk Free Search Service.

Risk Free Contingent Search

Company agrees to pay a fee to 10K if it hires or engages the services of a candidate that has been referred through the efforts of 10K. Prior to employer receiving resume, each referred candidate shall confirm to 10K that he/she has not yet expressed interest in the position via another 3rd party or directly. No fee shall be due unless 10K presents the candidate and the candidate is hired within one year from 10K’s most recent communication to the Company relating to such candidate. If as a result of 10K advising Company of the availability of a candidate, Company hires (or refers the candidate or discloses his or her availability to any entity which so hires him or her) within one year of 10K’s last activity on Company’s behalf with respect to that candidate, for any position with the Company, or any subsidiary, affiliate, parent, or related company, Company shall be obligated to pay the fee. 10K will perform all searches on a non-exclusive basis. In the event that a candidate is hired or is engaged to render services as set forth above, then and in such event, Company shall pay 10K a fee equal to the lessor of either our standard fee or the percent entered into 10K's Job Post Form of the candidate’s first (1st) year’s base annual salary. Each placement by 10K at Company comes with an unconditional thirty day unconditional money-back guarantee on all candidates placed. If for any reason the candidate’s employment ends within thirty days of the start date, 10K will replace the candidate within thirty days or refund the fee paid. Company agrees that fees are due upon receipt of the invoice, which 10K sends on the 30th and last day of guarantee period. Company agrees that it will pay all attorney fees and collection costs incurred by 10K in the collection of an outstanding invoice.

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