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With 10K's Risk Free Search, we deliver Top Talent to your interview, and the employer only pays a fee if a candidate is hired and performs as expected, with an unconditional money-back guarantee of the candidate's qualifications and performance. Think of our service as a Risk Free Option to hire the BEST candidate.

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Benefits of requesting a Risk Free Search

- No cost unless we identify and deliver the best candidate who is hired and performs
- Top candidates not publicly available are identified, recruited, and delivered to your interview.
- Access to the 30% of active candidates who do not post resume online.
- Access to the many passive candidates who are open to a career move.
- Employer sets the max fee percentage depending on difficulty of search.
- Access to candidates from competitors and/or with a specialized skill set.
- Allows employers more choice and the confidence that the best candidate was hired.
- Recruiters can ask and learn info of candidates that employers can not.
- Recruiters can use info learned to help employers choose the best match, and prevent/solve problems and close candidates on offers.
- Risk Free! Recruiters are only paid if successful in making a good match - Guaranteed!.

Employer Bid Fee Structure

The main challenge of each candidate sourcing need is to find qualified candidates in a timely manner who are interested in the position, salary, and location. Depending on these challenges, the search for interested and qualified candidates can range from being very easy to very difficult.

10K allows the employer to name their own price, depending on their own specific hiring needs and challenges faced. Our recruiting staff will accept and work on all bids, and we will inform you if your bid is too low to get the proper attention of the recruiting staff.

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As an overview, the average recruiting fee in the accounting and financial profession can range from 15-30%. This varies based on the quantity of available, interested, and qualified candidates, which is affected by many factors, including location, salary range, academic & experience requirements, hiring manager preferences, and many other factors.

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Exclusive Search Discounts

10K will discount our standard fee up to 50% when given an initial 30 day exclusive. This popular option lowers employer costs and reduces complications of employer being presented same resumes by multiple recruiters. Our recruiters value the confidence given and work even harder to fill the role ASAP.

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