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Included in our Resume Sourcing services, our Video Interview service allows employers to expedite the first round interview process, and focus their office visits on the best candidates. Candidates will record answers to employer's questions, and employers can log in and view video interviews at their convenience. Candidates can save from taking valuable time off for an initial interview, and their effort to participate in the video interview process is a positive signal of their interest in the opportunity. Our Video Interview service is included a no additional cost with our Resume Sourcing services.

Very Environmental Friendly

In addition to the cost and time savings, Video Interviews enable both employers and candidates to lower their carbon footprint, and is a great way to meet your Green Initiative while hiring the best employee.

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Candidates are becoming more open to this method of interviewing. In person interviews do not have a delete button, and you only have one chance to make a first impression. The only equipment necessary is an internet connected computer with a webcam. No software is necessary, and all data is kept strictly confidential and only can be viewed by the recruiter at 10K and the client hiring managers. Candidates can also upload work samples, letters of recommendations, and other selling points, which will allow the employer to learn quickly if you are a good match.

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Employers can enter their own interview questions, or select from our standard interview question list. Employers also do not risk asking any inappropriate/illegal interview questions on the fly, and the standard format for selecting candidates allows for an equal non discriminatory playing field.

After the employer Submits a Job Order, and receives initial resumes, the employer can request a video interview of selected candidates, and then quickly view candidate interviews and identify their preferred candidates for an office visit. Employers also have the option of recording their own Video Presentation, to help sell the opportunity to highly skilled candidates.

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